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proofing & process

September 13th, 2015

I was invited to submit a proposal for a print commission. I am honored to be asked spent quite a lot of time thinking of how to begin. 3 or 4 new ideas occurred to me and I began drawing both on paper and my trusty Ipad to make visual notes. Thinking on earlier works I’ve editioned, I was reminded that I usually end up feeling like the plates and linoleum blocks have just begun to reveal their potential. I therefore began with revisiting earlier works, playfully reversing the printing sequence, color choices and later adding another layer with another block. With this play/process I make variations which are pinned up and looked at both carefully and casually. After a while I feel I’m seeing what is working and what is not and can make decisions what next moves need to be made. I’m adding a photo of prints built this way showing how I began making my proposal print.

Ron_Rumford-proofing variations, engraving & linocut

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